Frontline Frontmen: My Ukraine documentary

During the summer of 2022, I spent another three weeks in Ukraine, covering the war. While there I was commissioned to direct, shoot and edit a documentary about the Ukrainian rock band Antytila.

Antytila has performed in front of thousands of fans over the years, but their frontmen have now swapped the stage for the front line of war. With their homeland under attack from Russian troops, members of the band switched guitars for first aid kits, joining up with army medics in Kharkiv. In a far cry from their old life, the group are now dodging artillery and treating wounded soldiers.

I shot the film using a combination of my Sony a6500 with a 10-18mm lens and my Sony Z90. It was edited on FCPX.

Below is the short version that is available on YouTube. The long version can be found on BBC iPlayer.

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