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If you can’t shoot video then your journalism career is in trouble.

In my new book Camera Confidential, I share the secrets of success for news and documentary shooters. Sections include: Storytelling for VJ’s; Live broadcasting; Working in hostile environments and Dealing with extreme weather. Camera Confidential is packed with all the tips I wish I’d have known at the start of my career.

BUY HERE for the PDF or if you have a Kindle then you can BUY FROM AMAZON HERE

Reviews from Amazon:

A practical and insightful guide from someone who is well qualified in both knowledge and experience. (I researched the author and his work). The author also shares the stage of his book with insights and wisdom from other camera people with in-trench experience. Love this book, well compiled with practical tips, advise and techniques.- JM Scotland

A great book from a great cameraman, and a good friend. I’ve been lucky enough to work with him on many trips around Africa. – Andrew Harding

Great read and I’ve picked up a few useful bits that I have already been able to use in my day job. – AC Holmes

I’m a filmmaker and journalist specialising in news and short documentaries for the web and broadcast. I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to tell stories and to share what I learn with the rest of the video journalism community.

I’ve been shooting news for fifteen years and my video work has won the David Bloom award and been short listed for an Emmy.

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