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The Imagejunkies podcast is for news and documentary shooters, producers, directors and editors.

Every week I speak to an industry guest with a good story to tell.

We cover everything from shooting 360-degree video to what kit to carry in a war zone.

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If you want to be a guest, or recommend one then drop me a line in the comments or via my email: imagejunkiesmedia at gmail dot com.

You can also listen to some of the episodes embedded below.

In episode 1 we talked 360 video in war zones with Dylan Roberts

In the interview below I talked with the legendary Rick Portier aka @turdpolisher about working in the US. He described his Muhammed Ali method of photography which is a great concept.

And in this episode BBC reporter Andrew Harding and I discuss what attributes make for the perfect cameraman.

My favourite and most personal episode can be heard below. In it I talk about covering the 2018 elections in Zim and how I found myself caught in a shooting and had to try and help a man who had a bullet in his abdomen.