Assignment Ukraine: My films

When the war in Ukraine began, I saw the reports, and I knew that eventually I would end up there.

I’ve since been twice. Once in April and again in June. Both times I was based in Kyiv but I have traveled beyond the capital including 48 hours embedded with a team of medics near to Kharkiv (that was for a documentary which I will write about soon).

In April I worked with the wonderful correspondent Mark Lowen, and we made numerous films including these below.

During this visit I was also part of the team that filmed the BBC’s interview with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Here I am mic’ing up the president for our interview.

I was back to Kyiv again in June. My time was split between working on a documentary and also news coverage with colleague Joe Inwood. I filmed and edited the news report below about the work of the HALO Trust.

I will share my documentary in the next post.

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