About imagejunkies

My name is Christian Parkinson, I’m a filmmaker and journalist specialising in short documentaries for the web and broadcast. I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to tell stories and to share what I learn with the rest of the video journalism community.

My video work has won the David Bloom award and was short listed for an Emmy and I am the author of “Camera Confidential – a guide for video journalists.”

Here's a photo of me working as a traditional news cameraman in Gaza, 2006.
Here’s a photo of me working as a traditional news cameraman in Gaza, 2006.

Imagejunkies.net  is the site where I write about the world of video journalism and filmmaking. If that sounds like your cup of tea then sign up for my mailing list to receive hints, tips and advice – http://bit.ly/1JsfLGp

You may also enjoy my Instagram and Twitter feeds where I post fun photos of the places that I go and the kit that I use.

4 thoughts on “About imagejunkies

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for the comment mate – sorry I’ve only just seen it. Yes, I’d love to. Will keep you posted mate. Anything specific you’d like me to focus on?

    1. Hi Jo, thanks for the question and sorry for the slow reply. I would actually just recommend buying a couple of small LED panel lights. You can get good ones for around £400 or you could buy cheap small ones off amazon for around £30…They might not be fancy but they get the job done and are fine for interior interviews etc.

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