Popping up in India: My latest assignment

I usually work in sub-saharan Africa, I love it and am in no rush to work anywhere else. But, my other favourite part of the world is the Indian subcontinent so when the chance arose to be one of the VJ’s working on the BBC “Pop up” project I jumped at it.

Pop up is the BBC’s travelling bureau that crowd sources story ideas from locals and then goes and makes them. We try to shoot and edit our films differently to standard news packages and favour a VJ model rather than traditional Reporter/Cameraman/Producer team.

I had a great three weeks and made films in Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. Below are my two favourite pieces

As usual I shot on a combination of my A7S and Sony A5100 and edited on FCPX


2 thoughts on “Popping up in India: My latest assignment

  1. Thanks for sharing that! Perhaps you could say a little more about how you recorded the audio (especially when there are several people speaking)? And in both there were some nicely stable moving shots : did you use a gimbal of some sort or were they stabilised in FCPX?

    1. Hi mate – very simple – gun mic on top of the camera – get close to whoever is speaking. . . Oh and using my 1 radio mic on somebody in the scene also. . .

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