Covering the South African elections: 2019


I recently covered the elections in South Africa. I wanted to try and avoid the boring and the cliched so I pitched the above film – young hip-hop artists sharing their views on the different parties as a way to explore the youth vote and why so many young people aren’t bothering to vote.


My Colleague Vauldi and I managed to find a cross-section of the local rap community and I wanted to film it in a gritty, urban way so that it felt like a music video rather than a news report.


I shot it on a combination of the Sony Z90 and the Sony a6300 and edited on FCPX – using a number of grunge video layers to dirty up the image.


On election day itself, I headed to Parys in the Free State to hear how rural voters felt. I didn’t make a stand-alone film tho my pictures were used extensively across BBC output. I did make a few clips for my Instagram account and have embedded them below.

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