How to film in extremely cold weather: An interview with Stu McKenzie

Imagine that it is so cold your breath is freezing, you are in a 4×4 slipping and sliding across a frozen river and you are scared to switch off your camera in case it doesn’t start again. This is the sort of situation we can find ourselves in while working as a news or documentary filmmaker.

Well, don’t despair because I was recently joined on the Imagejunkies podcast by BBC cameraman Stu McKenzie who was based in Moscow and has worked extensively in the north and south poles. You can a view short excerpt from the interview below:

Or you can listen to the audio of the entire episode on itunes or via this embedded audio player:

To view some of Stu’s amazing images be sure to check his website –

There is also a chapter in my book “Camera confidential” about filming in extreme environments including both cold and humid weather –

You can also purchase it on Amazon.

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