My Films

For your perusal here is a collection of my latest work since becoming a self-shooting video journalist who produces, shoots and edits all of my pieces. Sometimes I feel that my shooting suffers due to managing so many roles but I certainly feel that my all around story telling has improved a lot and I love the creative freedom that VJ’ing offers.

Video journalism and live broadcasting

The Live shot is an essential part of TV news. If you are working in broadcast then there is a pretty high chance that you will have to either shoot them, or appear in them. The way you go about this will be dependent on a number of things: The story, the location and what technology you have available. Here are more tips and advice for videojournalists

The Sony A7S and the modern video journalist

I’ve been shooting news and documentary for fifteen years as a traditional cameraman using shoulder mounted cameras. But in the last two years I’ve been working more and more as a video journalist. I was given a tiny budget to purchase kit (£4000) and was keen to keep it as light weight as possible while still being practical enough to shoot features and hard news – I went for the Sony A7S, this article will tell you all about it.