There is no point me giving advice to you if I’m not prepared to show my own work – warts and all – and allow it to be studied, debated and perhaps even ridiculed.

Like you, I’m still learning. . .New techniques and new formats are being developed every day and it’s hard to keep up.

For your perusal here is a collection of my latest work since becoming a self-shooting video journalist who produces, shoots and edits all of my pieces.

I was recently part of the BBC’s new “Pop-Up” travelling bureau. As part of the project I was asked to not only shoot, edit and produce the pieces but also to front them. The two films below are two of my favourites.


This film shot in Cape Town was a challenge. . .It’s about coding, which is essentially people sitting around looking at computer screens. I was determined to find a fresh and visually interesting way to open the film – I think it worked, do you?

Before I became a VJ I worked as a traditional cameraman and editor for news and documentaries – one of the pieces I was most proud of was this documentary from Afghanistan.