The DJI Osmo: Is it worth it for news shooters?

my affiliate linkI recently bought the DJI Osmo gimbal. I already have a Nebula 4000 gimbal but I wanted to try something with a built-in camera.

Below is my short review video

In many ways it’s a great bit of kit – it’s easy to use and can be carried around in your day sack. The picture quality in good light is fine but it’s awful in low light.

The biggest drawback for me is poor sound – through an external mic can be plugged in via a mini-jack input.

I also find the camera drifts off axis a lot and the horizon then needs re-setting which can be tedious.

On the whole I would say it’s a useful bit of kit but if you are serious about gimbals then try something else.

Just a 6/10 from me on this one.

If you do want to buy it then please do so via my affiliate link, that way I’ll get a small kick back and it wont cost you any more money.

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