Big news! Camera Confidential is now available for pre-order

A couple of years ago I wrote a short book called “Camera Confidential” that I sold for charity and made £3000 for the Rory Peck Trust. I was really proud of that and so decided to rewrite it, update it and sell it (not for charity this time!)

It is written and is currently being polished at the editors. The cover is also ready and a release date has been set- 7th January 2016.

In the meantime you can PRE-ORDER HERE for the discounted price of £4.99 – after release it will go up to £6.99. (Some of you are actually in it and so will receive a free copy!)

Camera Confidential Cover
Camera Confidential Cover

Below is the sales blurb for the book:

Do you want to be a better video journalist? Shoot better pictures, master the art of travel and gain an understanding of how to survive in a war zone?

If so then my book Camera Confidential will help you.

Pre-order now and receive a £2 discount on the full price of £6.99.

This is the second edition of the book and includes a number of new sections and fresh interviews.

Topics covered include:

– Strategies for finding work

– Freelancing

– Shooting sequences, Pieces to Camera and interviews

– Filming in hostile environments and in extreme weather

– Tips and tricks for travelling with video gear

At over 200 pages long Camera Confidential is packed with detailed and informative interviews with many of the best news shooters in the world.

I’m Christian Parkinson, editor of – the popular blog for cameramen and video journalists.

I’ve been a news cameraman, editor and video journalist for the last 14 years.

I’ve worked for two of the UK’s biggest broadcasters. I’ve covered wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Somalia, Gaza and Libya. I’ve covered a World Cup and two Olympics as well as hundreds of less well known but equally important stories around the world.

I’ve learned a lot during my career, mainly through my mistakes. Mistakes that I want you to avoid.

Camera Confidential is my attempt to help others, it’s the book I wish somebody had given to me when I first set out as a travelling news shooter.

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