Free book – “Life saving travel tips for journalists”

The world of filmmaking and video journalism is changing

There is so much to learn – shooting, editing, writing, structure and of course the art of travel in an increasingly dangerous world.

I’ve been a cameraman, editor and journalist for the last fifteen years, have worked around the globe and even picked up a couple of awards. I’m fascinated by the art of video journalism, the kit we use and where our industry is heading.

When you sign up for the imagejunkies mailing list you’ll receive your free ebook: “Life saving travel tips for journalists” – it’s a short book packed with useful info learnt the hard way in the world’s hotspots.

The cover for my free book
The cover for my free book “Life saving travel tips for journalists”

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2 thoughts on “Free book – “Life saving travel tips for journalists”

  1. I travel for probably half of my jobs, so this was a good read. I’ve not had to deal with carnets yet, though. Totally agree on looking both ways when crossing the road. While shooting a project in Japan, I crossed the street to get a better vantage point for a tsunami evacuation tower. I was a cat’s whisker from becoming a hood ornament for a tour bus coming from the right.

    My main struggle is traveling with grip/lighting/tripod. I can get easily get my camera gear into my carryon (hand luggage), but when I need to light and use a tripod, I’m guaranteed extra baggage fees. I do make sure the client knows this up front, but it’s still a hassle.

    1. Hi there, yes the old “look both ways” seems obvious but it’s so easy to forget! Cheers and keep in touch

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