My Films

There is no point me giving advice to you if I’m not prepared to show my own work – warts and all – and allow it to be studied, debated and perhaps even ridiculed.

Like you, I’m still learning. . .New techniques and new formats are being developed every day and it’s hard to keep up.

For your perusal here is a collection of my latest work since becoming a self-shooting video journalist who produces, shoots and edits all of my pieces. Sometimes I feel that my shooting suffers due to managing so many roles but I certainly feel that my all around story telling has improved a lot and I love the creative freedom that VJ’ing offers.

I was recently part of the BBC’s new “Pop-Up” travelling bureau. As part of the project I was asked to not only shoot, edit and produce the pieces but also to front them. The film below is my favourite of the four films that I made and includes two self-shot Pieces to Camera.

The piece below was an interesting challenge. . .I had just a few hours with “Penny Penny” the central character and with hindsight I really wish I had taken more time over the performance sequence in the studio. I lacked  shots and had to rely on some crafty editing to get me around it. The thing I am most proud of in this film is my treatment of the Skype interview with Brian in L.A. . .It looked awful and I had to really push my editing skills to make it work.

This film shot in Cape Town was a challenge. . .It’s about coding, which is essentially people sitting around looking at computer screens. I was determined to find a fresh and visually interesting way to open the film – I think it worked, do you?

Before I became a VJ I worked as a traditional cameraman and editor for news and documentaries – one of the pieces I was most proud of was this documentary from Afghanistan.

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