FCPX for video journalists

I first cut a piece on FCPX in 2011. I liked it and then forgot about it as I continued to focus on FCP 7. Then in 2014 I did a three day FCPX training course that showed me how good this software could be. I’ve been cutting on it exclusively ever since – not just news but also fifteen minute web features and pieces with many layers of video and text graphics like the one below

At the bottom of the page is a thirty minute introduction showing how I use the software. If you are just starting out then you may find it a useful primer. Although I made this video in early 2015 I still use most of the techniques I demonstrate.

Splitting audio

There is a lot of debate amongst broadcast editors about splitting audio in FCPX – i.e so that your voice over or clips are panned one way and your music or effects the other way. Many people who edit for the web are perplexed about why TV editors even need to split audio. I believe it’s done for archiving purposes so that in the future other folks can take the cut pieces, strip off the voice over and reuse the pictures and natural sound.

Many people advocate allocating “roles” in FCPX to split audio (see Larry Jordan’s video tutorial on using roles) but personally I prefer to manually pan the tracks, as laid out below:

– Select the audio clip.

– In the Audio inspector, choose Stereo Left/Right from the Pan Mode pop-up menu.

– Move the sound left or right by doing one of the following:

– Type a value in the Pan Amount field.

– Drag the Pan Amount slider left or right.

Try both ways and see what works for you. In the meantime have a watch of the video below and let me know what you think. All fresh ideas and advice are appreciated.

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3 thoughts on “FCPX for video journalists

  1. how you (not) organize your footage with the many and easy to use tools of FCPX is … say, ‘special’, but, sorry, stopped finally watching at tc 00:7:50 …. :
    set skimmer, B, blade, A, select, erase … c’mon, really?
    set skimmer, Option–Left Bracket – done

    from _my_ categorie of Tips:
    “the blade tool is not for editing” 😉

    1. The amazing thing about editing is there are many ways to do the same things. I’m sure your way works for you. This is a website where we help each other not pour scorn on others.

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